Caroline Flack's Daughter?! (One Direction)

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Jenny's life isn't normal. It's a living hell. So, yes her mum is Caroline Flack. Yes, she is dating Harry Styles. Gross. A 15 year age difference is two years younger than Jenny's. Caroline didn't tell Harry about Jenny. What happens when they meet and Harry falls in love? Then he dumps Caroline and goes out with Jenny? How will Caroline react? And will the hate from everyone ruin the relationship? And what happened when Caroline tells Harry about Jenny? Also, a terrible accident sends Jenny into a hospital. Everyone loses hope. But after years and years past things go good for Harry and Jenny.. including a daughter.. Bella.
scribblings scribblings 5 months ago
i'm just reading this now & i can honestly still remember their relationship & i wanted to cry at that moment lol :/
Clary_Rox101 Clary_Rox101 2 years ago
@NowItsPussynal o_O are u serioud?? Ohh emm gee!! Ps I voted !! ^_^ and loovved the story
gabby1202 gabby1202 2 years ago
Just saying i love ur story and all but the desciption kind of gives too much away
xNicoleex xNicoleex 2 years ago
Just a friendly reminder that Caroline is now in fact lesbian
TheCrazySide TheCrazySide 2 years ago
O.O Wow. I like the way you wrote it, it's just a weird concept for me. xD I never paid much attention to Caroline before... Voted! :)
Crystal1111 Crystal1111 3 years ago
I think this book is just agist because if Harry wants to date Caroline flack he can it is a free country and he will not he arrested because he has loads of money so they will think about that again but you got to say Harry is sexy