Ice cream and Anonymous Love [On Hold]

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BeautifulDarkSecrets By BeautifulDarkSecrets Updated 10 months ago
Rewriting summary.
beccamiz beccamiz 2 years ago
Its soo mysterious.....
Amazing cliffhanger!!! It makes me want to read on!!!
FallenAsh4ever FallenAsh4ever 2 years ago
This is great! it just makes u need to keep reading. Best thing ive read in a while and its only the prologue
kamilemon kamilemon 2 years ago
I love the style you're using to write this! It makes the story much more relatable and fun to read.
lizzie3119 lizzie3119 2 years ago
This is AMAZING so far! Going to go read the rest of it! By the way I LOVE your cover! And the banner too! :) Such a creative idea!((:
cuterimachan cuterimachan 2 years ago
I love the description and the tension you build up in the prologue! :D
really good
beatinghearts beatinghearts 2 years ago
Oh God I had a text message like the first one before - it creeped me out so much.  It turned out to be my best friend withholding her new number :')  I will get revenge one day.

This sounds really interesting - I'm going to read the rest now :)