Milana is a young woman, who has been searching her whole life for the one thing that will make her feel less lost in the world. Her next attempt is a planned journey of discovery across Europe, but a few months before she's scheduled to leave, her world is turned upside down. An unscheduled stop on a business trip puts her in a life-threatening situation with a supernatural creature and, quite possibly the anchor that she's been searching for, but will she hold onto it or will the strangeness of it make her let it go? ((If you read, please comment. :) ))
DigThemBones DigThemBones 2 years ago
Very fun. would there be a supplement in Gaultier's view point?
KristenRiley-Diehl KristenRiley-Diehl 3 years ago
although not my normal genre, It is intriguing with different sorts of characters you normally do not hear about in fantasy reads. There is a good deal of suspense. I can see it play out in my mind well as I read it.
cforester12 cforester12 3 years ago
The story flowed nicely. I liked the way you built on the suspense. Yes, I can see how she felt that part of her went with him! I do think that I will view pastry chefs in little different light now!