Take Two: A Place in Time Book 2 (PUBLISHED 2014)

Synopsis: After losing Terrence, her first love, to an illness, Shay begins to believe that she can't fall in love again. She holds on to a sketch of Terrence's best friend, "Nathan" and looks for him just as she had promised Terrence. Much to her surprise, she meets "Nathan" when she enters her new school, Trinity High. But "Nathan" introduces himself as Jiroh and denies knowing anyone named Terrence. Thus begins the story of Shay and Jiroh, a boy whose past is inexplicably tied to her own and whose present offers a possibility of a new love. "I'm another 'what if, Shay," Jiroh says. Will Shay let herself fall in love again or will she hold on to her past with Terrence? Can one really move on from one's first love?
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sana maging movie to..... ako ang unang pipila...heheh!!! ang ganda ng story!!!!
Super ang daming luha ko sa Part 1 and Part 2...

Happy Ending.. but still.. naawa ako kay T-Cake sabi nga ni Oli...
Here i am to the next level! whooo! parang kahapon lang binabasa ko to tapos book 2 nako ^_^
Astig ni Oli para na syang mature dun sa part na sinabi nyang si yung nandyan <3
is there a chance n mapublish to? ksi if merun hnd ko n to babasahin dito? i always so much preferred the book version. sna ipublish nlng to under pop fiction.
http://www.wattpad.com/43509056-he%27s-just-a-one-night-stand-and-then-some-more-the hello please read and comment :)

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