And It All Started With... Twitter? (Liam Payne Love Story)

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whoviobvious By whoviobvious Updated 4 months ago
It all started with a contest on Twitter for Jazzella Morgan and One Direction to meet. She didn't care about the contest. She didn't even know that she WON the contest! And, she didn't really know One Direction. They made fake Twitter accounts, and who ever was the random person they followed was the winner. They followed Jazz, she followed back. And the drama begins. With love, lost, and lies on the line, will there be love for Liam and Jazz?
FadedMoonlight FadedMoonlight 5 months ago
In six years?.... Wouldn't that mean you'd need to stay with family in order to support yourselves...
mojoyo mojoyo 7 months ago
I bet it's Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam. In that order, lol
angel4life16 angel4life16 8 months ago
When you were describing jazz you were describing me except my eyes are dark brown/hazel!
ElsaReppling ElsaReppling a year ago
omg, i laughed in ilke 10 min when it said - "Well, now you're Jassy_had_Oreos!" So funny!!!
I am just like jazz 1D r cool and all but I don't really like them there music is ok but I must say I LOVE liam payne shhhhhh.
oopsdoughnuts oopsdoughnuts a year ago
I know people hate these.But do any of you mind reading my fanfic I recently started?It is titled Beneath The Lyrics.Thank You!