Captured By The Mermaid Prince Of The North

Lily is a Princess of the Middle Ring (Mid-terrain) of the ocean. She decided to go on a cruise in the ocean, all the creature that are able to transform could be there. But before she gets there, she had to go through some difficulties. After the difficulties, she finally got on board. She met the two princes of the North-terrain. Later, trouble comes. The princes are captured by ______, and they toke her with them. Well, apparently the kidnapper has got some ideas for their future. Even though Lily don't want to agree, but do she have a choice? Will, she escape? What are the adventures that are coming? What is her path of future that she choose? Tune in for this new story of mine. _________________________________________________ It was actually a dream of mine. I really want to dream of that again, it was just sooo real! But anyways tune in for this new book! I guarantee you, this is going to be awesome.
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I like it but definitely check your grammar. Thinked isn't a word. Thought is.

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