My Life as a Horse

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kimberlywalker By kimberlywalker Updated 2 years ago
BOOK ONE in series.  I always loved horses, but the last thing I ever expected was to become one myself!  Luckily my friends were there for me, to help me out and recover my true identity.
chil' u do not want a little sister..... i have one and she is a real pest..... i cant even describe it...... imma middle child so i have a lotta trouble
HaleyEisenhauer HaleyEisenhauer a month ago
(Btw) this story is amazing I'm writing too but I'm not posting until finished with the chapters which will be a while I'm on chapter 13 and still have 7 more chapters to go
HaleyEisenhauer HaleyEisenhauer a month ago
I really do wish I was a horse because I have 24 horses...but anyways, horses take away your breath and they take ur sad memories and turn them into new or happy memories
MaseyPoole MaseyPoole 10 months ago
Did you mean a virtual horse or is that what the game is called???
horsecrazyxoxo horsecrazyxoxo a year ago
I love your book it's the best I've ever read! Keep writing!
Kiwi_Brony Kiwi_Brony 2 years ago
I read the first line and I was like "Yes, you are a wizard Harr-Cailtlin! And a thumping good one, too!" Lol I work with horses part-time, so I'll see if it's technically accurate as well as well-read ;D