Losing Weight is HARD

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_kara442 By _kara442 Updated 2 years ago
Brooke hates the way she looks because all she sees is FAT. So she tries to lose weight and it is a battle between her and food. Can she do it or continue being bullied by everyone? Suddenly her dad is introduced back in her life and he abuses her. What will Brooke do and how will she cope?
onevoice onevoice 2 years ago
Aww, Brooke is so kind and considerate! I love how she puts others before herself. 
As for Alaina, thats just a little rude, i mean if you don't like her, don't pretend to be something your not.
onevoice onevoice 2 years ago
So far i like it. This story has a really good plot and i love how brooke is so relatable. I literally eat everything i see in the kitchen. Haha. && as for walking to school. Ive done tht too. I hate school busses.
Elmogirlz97 Elmogirlz97 2 years ago
ShhDontTell ShhDontTell 2 years ago
This was really too short to be a chapter maybe a prologue or some sort but not a chapter, but other than the length I kind of liked it, but more description would have been nice. Thanks :-)
automotivatorlove automotivatorlove 2 years ago
I feel that this is too short and I thought this was the prologue. You should make it much longer, try with setting description that should help you out into making this much more longer or tell me how the character fells with her weight.
MySilverDust MySilverDust 2 years ago
Nice work! the theme is fine! Just make it a little more catchy to readers eyes! Still keep it up!