'Til My Lungs Collapse . . ♥ [ON HOLD]

Deanna Jas'Mariee Smith, A name that has no meaning to you, for now. From a young age I had alot on my plate, and one night it went too far for a little girl to handle. I took matters into my own hands and did what was best for me at that time, resulting in me leaving. I'm now 19 years old and struggling to make ends meet on my own. When things start to look good for me; seeming to fall into place, they get worse. I'm in for a ride, but Deanna Jas'Mariee Smith can handle anything. Or can I?
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I'm glad Heaven/Jaz/Deanna can move on from stripping. I can see potential. But, somehow, I feel like this is a set up.
That was a bad ass offer! But I don't like the way they met.. She almost sold herself, ohh well she struck gold with him
llmmmmmmffffffffaaaaaaaaaaoooooo she thought he wuz gon force sex on hurr dats too funni
This story was really good! Kept me interested . I couldn't put my phone down c:
I can tell this is going to be my favorite book, well at least one of them, and I'm only on the intro!
*tony the tiger voice* grrrrrrrrrrrreat! I love this story omg! #teamDeeandRoc #eviegerald #princeTY lmao u shall continue! !!

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