What You've Lost

Katherine is that werewolf that everyone picks on, even her own brother. The one that is crushed when her mate rejects her. She can't stand seeing him with another girl, so she runs. She joins a new pack, one that actually appreciates her. Soon all her extra pounds have dropped and she is one of the best fighters there is. However, the Full Moon pack needs help training. Her old pack. Her mate sees her and wants her, but will she give in so easily? After all he's done? Then again, he is her mate...
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love his hair ( not exactly my type but he's still cute) anyway im gonna read on peace * holds up side ways peace sighn *
I wonder what's up with the crown ....*shrugs* Oh well, on with the next chapter :">
oh hope she get a great life away from the jerk pack and dumb and dumber !!!!!!!!! ;)
Your cover is really sweet. Anyways, I like this chapter. Like the style of your writing.....

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