The Island (girlxgirl)

'An amazing thing about this kingdom was, other than being impossible to ever find, was that it was considered perfectly acceptable to be gay. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh sons were gay, with the seventh being bi. The daughter herself was a lesbian, and always surrounded herself with the prettiest women she ever saw, often finding them while riding on her horse through villages. This is where our story begins.' The story of a romance between a princess and her maid (yes, girlxgirl). Includes fantasy!
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this is different from what I usually read but I like it..I really do. u have my votes.
Mauhahah...the Queen's first accusation is hilarious! "DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH MY DAUGHTER?" Wow..that's a powerful prose here.
I love your story. :) It's new and creative, and I love the love triangles. Haha. Great job with this.
@cakewriter Yess I'm so happy she got out of there! But I still I wanna kick her brothers in their nutsacks.
@cakewriter No problem! It's a pleasure doing business with you! (I've always wanted to say that)
Awesome. I like how renny is brave and not cheap. Make her more like that would be awesome. Hurry up and update.

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