District 1 is Hungry(ON HOLD!)

You may think the district one tributes are deadly, but follow Glimmer from her point of view. Find out who she is. Find out who Marvel is. Their training to win these games. Experience Glimmer's death from her view. Thee tracker jackers deadly poison stings. Feel her pain like you were her. Marvel's pain when the sharp arrow goes throw his chest. But killing Rue at the same time. The deadly expressions they have. Join them. Follow them. And die with them.
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It's interesting, but it moves a bit too fast. There's a few grammar errors, but nothing too distracting.
Haha I thought Glimmer volunteered herself? ;) Its pretty cool to read how Glimmer's pov though :)
I like the names you created. they fit in with the world of Hunger Games Novels.

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