Justice by Oleander - 2012 Watty Awards, Finalist

A woman scorned -- a medical professional -- a detective trying to catch a break -- dozens of unsolved murders... What do these all entail? A game of cat and mouse, a tale of vengeance is what you'll find here. She reached her breaking point. She simply had enough. Living with it, day in, day out at home; witnessing it on the work-front. She was bound to crack some time, right? Caught up in a vicious cycle of revenge, Mika Stafford adopted a second life - call her a vigilante if you will. As she preyed on each and every one of them, she enjoyed the promiscuity these one-shots offered along with the vengeful release that came along when all was said and done. She never wanted to give her heart to anyone. Not anymore. What she never counted on was Detective Ryans. Ryans had the lead on the latest string of murders that seem to be left unsolved - the file of linked cases that would make or break his career. After being linked to some of these unsolved cases, Mika finds herself weaving a rather intricate series of webs. The chemistry between the two of them is undeniable but there's just something about Mika that keeps Detective Ryans coming back with more questions - questions only she seems to be able to answer. With bodies piling up, widows cashing in on life insurance policies, and Mika's informative consults, Detective Ryans finds himself chasing a ghost of sorts - a female one if his instincts are right. This vigilante/criminal is doing everyone a favour by knocking these lowlifes off but the fact of the matter is that this 'Femme Fatale' still needs to be apprehended. After all, keeping everyone safe is a cop's job. © Carey Decevito, 2012
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That was a very sexy scene. I can't believe I missed this story when you first had it out!
Oh wow!! Excellent chapter! Beautifully written. I demand a published version for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet asap!!!
Holy cow I just read this in one go oh wow! You my cara mia are so talented! I'm proud of you xxxxx
Oooh!  I'm so glad this one is finished now.  I can read it from start to finish although I've already read the beginning.  I'm sure it's great!
Did I say thank you yet? If not then I'm a d-ack! Thank you lady, I'm honored, especially since I know one day I'll be BUYING your book :)
I love to read thriller novels like this. You have captured my interest and want to read more!!! LOL So keep up the awesome job:)

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