Durarara!! Fanfiction: Love Is A Crime

Yui is 20 and still chase her long lost lover name Izaya Orihara. She knows that Izaya doesn't love her back, but wants to be his friend. Unfortunately Izaya becomes alittle werid towards her, taking her hand and laughing and chuckling. They're going to places and he...actually make out with her more than one time. Knowing that Yui is confuse, but still has feeling for him, she decides to play along with his games and hopes that she can get Izaya to be her lover
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The ways the characters are its so unique. It is really hard to have it on a written chapter. Great Job :)
You have a nice detail gift and writing style. I really love it. I might not know a lot about this but I enjoy reading it :)
I really enjoyed your story. you have a unique way of reading which I like. You could expect me reading more :)
Nice job. I actually really enjoyed reading this. I like how you added the song into the chapter. :)

-Cade x3
The writing is really good and I love anime! My favorite is Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

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