Being You (On Hold)

After teen sensation, Katelyn Starr's secret gets exposed, she does everything possible to deny it. To prove it isn't true, there's only one thing she can do. Find her long lost sister, Alexandra, who she hasn't seen in twelve years and, trade places. For a year. Being the complete opposite of her sister, will she be exposed? And what about her hunky co-star who she encountered not too long ago? Will he recognise her? Will he discover the truth. Not to mention the fact someone seems to be following her...
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This story is going to be so good.
no, wait, it's going to be freaking fantastic!
Upload soon pleeeasseee! :)
SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I have entirely no idea why I said that, but...yea. :)) AWESOME CHAPPIE!
It seems like I'm really going to like this story.
Right now, I'm loving the fact that my name's Alexandra :D
OMG that Preston guy is soooo the actor Preston Young in kat's movie!! :D :D loooove it!! :D
I hope that this is not some 'werewolf' story. Coz I feel that it kinda is...
I hate werewolf stories!
It sounds like an interesting story but I'm confused? is the exposed secret she switched with her sister or what......

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