Cheers to the Teenage Years

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CelesteTheWriter By CelesteTheWriter Updated a year ago
Charlie Quinn suffers from depression and considers her entire life worthless. Ever since the lost of her best friend and mother, life hasn't been the same. But then she meets Milo Sinclair and Gavin O'Shea, two boys that are complete opposites. Milo is your typical devil-may-care, misunderstood bad boy (leather jacket included), while Gavin is the poster boy for good deeds and a bright future. Yet somehow, both manage to make her smile like she did before her mother died. Together, they promise to make her senior year something worth remembering.  Along the way they find a lot of drama, countless fights, a few trips to the hospital, a night in jail and friends that you can rely on for the rest of your life.
XxIra2194 XxIra2194 9 months ago
I absolutely love this book SO much. I don't usually comment on works but this is really worth it. It's literally one of my favorites, and the story is absolutely wonderful. Thank you SO much for writing this. And please don't ever delete it haha.  It's absolutely AMAZING. ❤️
esmeraldacrzxoxo esmeraldacrzxoxo a year ago
That's crazy. You would think the total opposite. But I loved you're book, it's really good :)
esmeraldacrzxoxo esmeraldacrzxoxo a year ago
Very good story. I loved it!! You are truly talented celeste. I be you dont have trouble writing school essays ! Lol.
I like the plot of this story. I would love for you to read mine! It's called Struggles of a Teenager. It's based on my life and follows my struggles to forget the unforgettable.
MonkeyBoo121 MonkeyBoo121 2 years ago
Wow this sounds so good I can't wait to finish it :) yay!! Lmao
xxIBITExx xxIBITExx 3 years ago
I usually read supernatural stories but so far is this story sounds very good