Teenage Love | l.t.

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samantha By samantha Updated 9 months ago
«I'm the back-up plan, aren't I?» 

«No, of course not!» 

«We've been at this for awhile now, Louis!» 

«Paeton, you aren't anything but a back-up plan.» 

«Every time you say that I'm always proven wrong.» 

«I'm, I'm not lying, Paeton.» 

«Your an ass, Louis.» 

«Paeton, don't leave. I love you.» 

«Could've sworn you told Eleanor that five minutes ago.» 

«I love you.»
@Directionlover123 Uhh yesh, yesh u do. 
@Directionlover123 Well I dont have either so haha suck on that (: 
@Directionlover123 Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this story cuz ur a good writer and u know the other reason (;
nawww thats cute, but im a little confused did he remember her and was joking or what? other than that awesome! :D
Lol thank you for dedicating this to me! I really like the book so far (:
OMG IM IN LOVE!!!!! This book shot me out of the sky!!!!! Bahahshah I'ma dork..... REALH GOOD THO!!! UPDATE SOON!!!
<3 Lauren