No Turning Back - A Vampire Diaries Fanfic (TV Show)

Damon, Stefan and Elena thought that Katherine coming back was their only problem - they were wrong! When Charlie turns up after 150 years, so many memories are brought back to the surface...
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@StephDaTwilightFreak welcome! oh! you can find me in youtube as serena reed, i already subscribed to yr channel and liked yr some of your videos
Awww!!! so sweet Damon!!! i love this story , and i love the couple Damon and Charlie!! i have a ship name for them; what do you think about ''Darlie''?
gotta say; only read the first page and im hooked!!
loved the story summary, pics and video. xxxxxx
i  dont know who to pick damon or jeremy damon sexy but a jerk and jeremys sexy and nice id say be like kathrine and do both :) (but mostly pick jeremy)

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