No Turning Back - A Vampire Diaries Fanfic (TV Show)

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Steph By Steph Completed
Damon, Stefan and Elena thought that Katherine coming back was their only problem - they were wrong! When Charlie turns up after 150 years, so many memories are brought back to the surface...
amazing :) i agree with @SexyQueen you do write like a paid author! ;)
@StephDaTwilightFreak haha yeah i think i figured it out :D :D's that that Jer still doesnt know about vampires ??
gotta say; only read the first page and im hooked!!
loved the story summary, pics and video. xxxxxx
This story is GREAT!! I"m really glad people like Vampire Diaries! ; )
Wow this is really great! I love it! You should have so much more views!