Overcoming the Odds. (Zayn Malik)

Delia Payne is a troubled 18 year old girl. Her brother is the teenage heartthrob, Liam Payne. It doesn't help Delia that her life and actions are constantly being reflected on her brother. When Liam comes back after a 1 year tour of the US, he misses out on Delia's worst year yet. Liam makes it his mission to find out what's been changing his sister. He enlists the help of none other than Zayn Malik for the job. Liam and Zayn both find out the heartbreaking news of what lurks in Delia's past. Will Zayn and Liam think differently of Delia? Will Liam hate her because of it? Will Delia ever heal?
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If anyone wants to read a Niall fanfic I'm writing one.(: I'd love it if you took a look.(:
it is about a miscarriage but i think its about like a past fling of his and his child
Or miscarriage bcuz I'm pretty sure that song is about his friend who had a miscarriage @literally_KV
Shitt she probably had a baby and a miscarriage 
Or she aborted it 
Cause this wht the song is bout
This is too obvious. She got preg lost the baby at 4months- like in smallbump- and her life has been screwed ever since
She had a miscarriage or an abortion probably with that guy from the airport or something idk

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