Trick And Treat *Sasuke & Kiba Love Story*

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Two ordinary sisters end up in the Naruto world!? Akane the punk you don't want to mess with. Then her sweet, energetic sister, Natsu. Both were in a car crash when they were 9 and only had each other. But will the two heart throbs change that? Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Unizuka. fall for those two? And what happens when an evil Sanin comes into the picture?
How come in all stories everyone forges about the NARUTO stuff like if you love Naruto stuff Shouldn't you at least remember ?
RUN!!!!!! ITS GUY!!!!!

Guy: Liz-chan why are you so mean?

Me: I'm not being mean Guy!!!
You might wanna put more detail. And you should also describe their emotions. It's like your writing their daily schedule
Kotetsu, right? I don't know, I could be wrong, I haven't watched Naruto in awhile
where'd the knife come from.... •_•; Wow, that escalated quick
my mom's room is next to mine and iT's like 1am and I can't hold my laughter much longer