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Simone By Simone Updated 9 months ago
Secrets are part of any family. Every family has things they want to stay hidden.  Charlottes family was no different. Apart from her families secrets aren't the harmless type. There the type that would change her life forever.  But like all secrets, they can't stay hidden forever. Is this a story were her mate will come in and save her? No Will this story be predictable? No Will this story bore you? No To put it simply, this story will leave you craving for more, and it won't be like anything you have read before.   -- Sequel to Twisting You (However you can read this story separate if you wish.) -----
Has chole learned nothing from her past? Alec is either cheating on her or eventually going to leave her. Either way she is going to end up heartbroken again.
Chloe sure is so pathetic! Why her? 
I hope Emily died and Xavier comes back to her! 
I cannot wait to see the end... :-)
how could you let her get heartbroken again? how could you DO THIS TO ME *GESTURES AROUND WILDLY*
I've come back to read this like a year later and it still makes me feel queasy... 
The only reason why chloe's love life sucks is because the person who was suppose to love her unconditionally loves some1 else#xavier
@_Forever_and_Always_ It's been a while since I've read this story but if my memories good I believe she was Alec's ex girlfriend.