True Love's Kiss (Larry Stylinson)

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_ThoseDirectionerBoys By _ThoseDirectionerBoys Updated 3 years ago
Louis Tomlinson is accidentally placed under a curse by a witch's love potion that can only be cured by a kiss from his true love. Typical love story, right? Well, what if Eleanor was not the person to break Louis’s enchantment with her kiss. Who else could be?

(Lmao cheesy title, sorry!)
Leanne16xx Leanne16xx 2 years ago
I can't wait to read more! 

Teehee, I cracked up at the that's what she said joke :p
Ariana_Star Ariana_Star 2 years ago
HHA Haven't read this Yet but i love the Idea! True Loves Kiss -Can't Wait!!
writergrl98 writergrl98 3 years ago
Aw...I love the poem! :-) It's adorable. Hopefully someday we will all find a love like that. <3
I Love The Idea For This Story So Far. Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
Jackies_Rose Jackies_Rose 3 years ago
THIS IS AMAZAYN! =DDD just even the cover had me hooked!!!! omg where did you find that picc of harry and louis?? Upload soooooooon!!!!
live_out_loud live_out_loud 3 years ago
OMFG! LINK!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! That was BRILLIANT!!!! U r such a fantastic writer!!!!! Please please please PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Upload soon!!!! Ong it's only the prologue and I'm already in love......