The STD Trace

40 Part Story 1.5M Reads 31.6K Votes
Asiah By Asiah Completed
When the whole school practically breaks out with a nasty case of Chlamydia, Hannah Trimester jumps at the chance to write an award winning article about it. Of course, tracing all the way to the first person that received the STD isn't going to be easy, but Hannah will stop at nothing to get into Columbia University. Can she fight through all of the bitter students, ones who don't believe in her goal, and still manage to trace the lines perfectly? [Not suitable for people under 13 at all or the fainthearted. Some drugs, sexual references, and cursing.]
I'm so in love with this book. Since the Mean Girls reference I can't stop reading in Lindsay Lohan's voice! Anyone else?
A whole school with STD's. Omg I cant. I wouldn't be able to stay at that school.
Great beginning but I felt like it was rushed a little. Everything jumbled in one paragraph.
Isn't it funny that I was watching mean girls and this part just passed? Creeepy
Haha! This is really funny, and I've NEVER come across a story like this. Really creative and original ;)
I love your book so much! like it made me feel like I'm actually in the book or something! it made me cry at the end though! you should make a sequel?  maybe? no? OK.