Heaven Help Me, or Hell Have Me (Heaven Help Me #1)

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_JolynPalliata By _JolynPalliata Updated 3 years ago
**NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE** Kassie is used to the everyday bad luck occurrences plaguing her life. Tried and true to her nature, she’s learned to smile and forge forward with her own personal mantra in mind: Heaven help me, or Hell have me. But after a particularly bad day, even her mantra can’t help her, and her luck takes a turn. Though, whether it be for the best remains to be seen.
ThisKittyHasClawz ThisKittyHasClawz 3 years ago
@JolynPalliata can't wait! how could i not. paranormal - check. suspense - check. narration - freaking kick-ass! and description - incredible. 'sides, the plot hasn't even thickened that much, and already my imagination is running wild!
ThisKittyHasClawz ThisKittyHasClawz 3 years ago
@JolynPalliata you're welcome. i'm gonna love this story! can't wait till the next upload. btw - love your new cover. very powerful.
Aphrodite041 Aphrodite041 3 years ago
@JolynPalliata  nice cover, btw, it fits the story well so far!
Melsworld Melsworld 3 years ago
@JolynPalliata Lol I can only imagine what else could go wrong for her and you're welcome
lalila13 lalila13 3 years ago
@JolynPalliata  Awesome! I'll be looking out for the next chapters then :)
ThisKittyHasClawz ThisKittyHasClawz 3 years ago
awesome. Amusing, detailed, and the description and sarcastic wit is amazing. It's incredible how you've brought these new characters to life,in the space of only 1 chapter/prologue.