Road To Humilis Island

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thissinkingship By thissinkingship Updated 3 years ago
You can't realize someone's hurt until you have walked through the shoes of that person. See with the eyes that person has seen. Lived in the moment that person has lived. But i'm here to give you a taste on how I ended up on Humilis Island.
usedcondom usedcondom 3 years ago
I'm sooo happy I don't feel my legs
and while I'm writing this my fingers are shaking,and I want to sneeze like there is no tomorrow.
Don't worry I don't have a cold.
:) :D :) :D : > :) :D : >
usedcondom usedcondom 3 years ago
This is very deep.I just don't know what to say.
I'm just going to say you're a great writer.
: >