You Know I've Always Got Your Back

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_coffeecupharry By _coffeecupharry Updated 5 months ago
// NOUIS //

the one in which two boys struggle to make their relationship work.
Ravenclaw_Divergent Ravenclaw_Divergent 9 months ago
Yep, nothing wrong with that Lou. You just checking how cute and muscular Niall is, is normal.
MzzShordie MzzShordie a year ago
sure Lou when you suddenly realise that ur checking out one of ur best mates isn't wrong or creppy in any way....right? Ha loving this
niallh0ran93 niallh0ran93 2 years ago
Oh my god!!! I think you are psychic!!!! My name is Alexa and my favorite member is Niall!!!! I dont care if they break up, your story just made me so happy!!!! Thank you and you are an amazon writer!!!
mandyxtine mandyxtine 2 years ago
ahhh I Love this I don't usually go for boyxboy but Jesus Christ I'm loving this one
oheycami oheycami 2 years ago
Oh Lou, you were totally checking Nialler out....nothing wrong with that! Hahaha Love this! :)
:D Nouis is my favorite bromance! Thank you for writing this and making my day!!