Forgiving the Alpha(Completed)

Collette is a werewolf.At 17 she goes into heat and shifts for the first time.If there's one thing she hates it's a player and a cheat.Not that she's had the opportunity to find out thanks to a protective big brother and his best friend Danny who just happens to be the world's biggest player and the alpha's son. Needless to say she's none to happy when she finds that Danny is her mate and he knew about but still slept with everything that moved.So why didn't he tell her? Why is it now that he wants her to be his mate? Will Collette forgive the alpha?
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Wtf how is he a math teacher? How old is he? And why would a high schooler be mated with someone so much older than her? I'm confused...
Uhhhh i dont think talking about yourself is a hood booster for the whole confidence self esteem thing \( <.<\) (/>.> )/
omg I'm laughing at that, another brilliant thing women go thru and men don't xD
Don't be so mean it's her first book and it's probably unedited so just chill
@PaigeStyles07 it was a sincere question.. But you do make a good point anyway..
@elley01 she's Scottish judging by her picture so I'm gonna assume that's how the say "bro".

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