Forgiving the Alpha(Completed)

Collette is a werewolf.At 17 she goes into heat and shifts for the first time.If there's one thing she hates it's a player and a cheat.Not that she's had the opportunity to find out thanks to a protective big brother and his best friend Danny who just happens to be the world's biggest player and the alpha's son. Needless to say she's none to happy when she finds that Danny is her mate and he knew about but still slept with everything that moved.So why didn't he tell her? Why is it now that he wants her to be his mate? Will Collette forgive the alpha?
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All you guys be commenting about his age or smt while I'm over here thinking 'A math teacher, really? Out of all things , math?'
I read the first sentence and I was like, " Well Dang, YOU BOUT TO GET A BEAT DOWN TONIGHT!!!" 'in military voice'
You can TEACH her time you want and if you misbehaves you can PUNISH her too. Real good ;)
*Blinks, Coughs dramatically, then clears throat* ........well I wouldn't call you a sucker......
OMG I wish guys had our lives they think they have it hard we have it worse than
"If he had to chose between oxygen and sex he'd choose sex."!!!
OMG! New favorite sentence EVER.

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