Forgiving the Alpha(Completed)

Collette is a werewolf.At 17 she goes into heat and shifts for the first time.If there's one thing she hates it's a player and a cheat.Not that she's had the opportunity to find out thanks to a protective big brother and his best friend Danny who just happens to be the world's biggest player and the alpha's son. Needless to say she's none to happy when she finds that Danny is her mate and he knew about but still slept with everything that moved.So why didn't he tell her? Why is it now that he wants her to be his mate? Will Collette forgive the alpha?
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Ikr. Dang. I thought she was about to fight! I was like I might need something to snack on 4 this action. Then I realized it was her friend.
u will be fine! as long as the story is good then it will keep us readers going. :)
All you guys be commenting about his age or smt while I'm over here thinking 'A math teacher, really? Out of all things , math?'
Sounds cool but I wanted to point out something I found funny. You said will she forgive the alpha but the titles' called Forgiving the Alpha
ohhhh yeahhh!!!!!!! Teacher student relationship plus hes like an overprotective brother!!! sounds like alot of DRAMA :))))
Going to like, click the 'chapter 1' u know the blue link up there ^ amazing its gonna take me somewhere, in another world.....

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