A Typical Day In The Life of Cas Straton (boyxboy)

Cas thinks he's badass. He's beaten every guy in his high school to a bloody pulp and becomes bored. He finally decides to become his own sort of superhero. After outsmarting and humiliating a group of local thugs to impress a girl, he's soon mugged and attacked by the same group. To his surprise a bum sleeping in the alley way comes to his rescue and he turns into the damsel in distress. After pulverizing the group The Stranger looks down at Cas and says " I just saved your ass. Now you belong to me." This scenario was more than he calculates. Will he ever get back to his own world where things made sense?
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@opendreams true true I always do that. good to know I'm not the only person that does that ;)
I think I've read this book before I become a member off wattpad...I'm going to splash all the votes that I owe this book.
you know when there's something embarrassing on tv and you run out of the room to avoid it? This made me turn my phone off :p
omg love it. Now i am going to spend teh day reading it so addicting. cant wait to see what happens
I really like this so far and I'm definitely going to read on! Your characters are great!
wow, this story is really interesting :D I like Cassiel a lot and how he gets what he wants ;D haha.

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