Dodging Bullets (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Royalty Black. When I was 12 my parents were murdered right in front of me, and as I sat crying over their dead bodies I vowed to get revenge on the man who killed them. A cop named Robert Davis took me in and made me a deal. He would help me get revenge on the man who took my parents' lives by training me to eliminate people if in return I became his personal undercover bounty hunter and pretty much take out whoever slipped through the justice system. There were 3 ways I could back out; I got caught, I got too old, or I fell in love. If I got caught, he would let everyone know I was working for him . If I got too old, he would make sure I had somewhere to stay and someone to take care of me; If I fell in love, he would protect who I had fallen for. The first one was possible, the second one wasn't gonna happen for a while, and the third one... I was 12, I lived with someone who trained me to be a professional liquidator... I wasn't gonna fall in love anytime soon. So I accepted. I'm 18 now. I have been putting felonious people to death for 6 years. I have grown immune to watching criminals die and I am confident that I will never get caught. So far I haven't. I also thought I would never fall in love. But then I did.
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AnnaClaire June sims brown reddish hair 5'9 funny jokester type of person.  And a random friend person who can be trusted
That is an awesome movie and you book is a awesome book. I wish I got to see the movie in the theater though.. All well
Omg update soon i love spy / assasin stories mixed with one direction please update i cant wait
first of all: I AM NOT A SMALL CHILD :( and secondly loved it! please update soon!!! <3

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