We're One Direction? [ON HOLD]

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_ashbdays5 By _ashbdays5 Updated 2 years ago
When One Direction get into a car crash something strange happens. When they wake up, they are all 16 again. And no, they didn't go back in time.  

None of them remember anything from before or that they are from One Direction. Eventually, they do find out. But the question is, How do they get back?
lyricwriter lyricwriter 2 years ago
Okay, no meaning to be rude while saying this, but this is pretty how your story is: a mom lets a daughter be around in a house with 5 strangers that "look" like 1D? And the mom just happens to let her seem to ILLEGAL birth certificates? That doesn't seem like a mother to me. . .
Talllz23 Talllz23 3 years ago
@ashbdays5 Haha yeah I like original stories because it gets annoying when all of the fan fictions are like they meet and fall In love lol :)
Talllz23 Talllz23 3 years ago
Started reading this and it is great so far. It is really original which makes it really good :)