You like my Ass?

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Trent Rivers has no social skills, is bad at school, and is shy. He is sure in for a surprise when his mate is Trevor Phillips...a BOY! Trent is surely surprised because he didn't know he was gay until he saw his mate. His mate Trevor on the other hand doesn't like the thought of having a boy mate and rejects him. How is Trent going to break the news to his parents that his mate is a guy and he got rejected how embarrassing! Not to mention for his brother Daniel to become Alpha, Trent has to have a mate so he can be beta. Does Trevor give in and soon accept his mate so Trent can be beta or will he be a depressed mateless wolf. BoyxBoy
No u have a perky and big butt he won't be able to resist you for to long
I know right it's like they introduce you to a little kid, they give this evil kind of face and then they make their goal to annoy you by hitting you with a wooden spoon < (that was from experience)
This is the part where he breaks down and goes: YoU're NOt mY ReaL MOm
lol it made me sad this chapter
he is adorable
who is blaine???
Lol I hate all of those things. I am a terrible cook. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. And I hate children but trust me, the feeling is mutual.
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You know what? I don't give a shit if I get reported: Fucking asshole. (The dude making fun of him)