Life Isn't A Fairy Tale- Base On A True Story

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_XoXMsKnowItAllXoX By _XoXMsKnowItAllXoX Updated 3 years ago
Meet Aarti Sahota; Born in Kolkata, young wife, elder sister, daughter of loving parents. Has decided to change the cruel traditions, she has convinced herself she believes in the cause, she wants her family to understand. 

Raw, cruel, tender, furious, vulnerable, selfish, desperate, proud: this is her story. 
This story comes from the streets of India; it's a story about a longing for acceptance that becomes so extreme that she will stop at nothing. It's a story about grief, about belonging, about being lost. It's the story behind the news story. A story for our times.
AnnabelleSmithson AnnabelleSmithson 2 years ago
I really liked this. The starting was good and the plot is very very different.  Something I havent read on Wattpad.
The descriptions and details were amazing.

Great work! :D
TigerBee TigerBee 2 years ago
This was interesting! Remember to capitalize the 'm' in Ma.
If you're writing non-fiction, make sure its completely based on that!
janefoxx janefoxx 2 years ago
That was really interesting. ;) I genuinely like how you started it and it puzzles me how it is Non-Fiction. Did something like this happen to you? You really made me want to find out what happens next! Voted.
SparksFly1 SparksFly1 2 years ago
This is really well written, I like it a lot. I'm intrigued to see what happens next :D
rockworld rockworld 2 years ago
its a very interesting story nd very excited to read further
GenXblogger GenXblogger 2 years ago
Good start! The description is well written and makes you want to read the first chapter (also I have a good friend names Aarti so that also made me want to read it!)