Can't You Hear Me Now?

Formerly known as "Silent Howl" Penny and Jacob are twins that were abandoned as babies. They grew up moving from one foster home to the next. With the abuse they endured at the hand of those that took care of them will they ever be able to move past the memories haunt their dreams. Penny is a mute who can communicate using telepathy with her twin. Who are the new foster parents? Why were they so secretive? After nearly three years living with them they find out who the new foster parents are. And just before they turn sixteen they find out they are werewolves. How will being a mute human affect her wolf. Will they ever feel loved and have a forever home? Do they find out the truth of their birth and heritage? Keep reading to unveil the twist and turns that are to come.
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too many spelling errors for me :(
its a pet peeve...  especially here instead of hear.
Have a look at the editing clubs, as some phrases are rather awkward, but apart from that a good first novel so far! :D
Maybe space out your paragraphs a little? I do love werewolf stories. :) Good details, and I really didn't see any mistakes. :)

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