How to love a FAT chick

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_elizax3 By _elizax3 Updated 2 years ago
Seth's life has been a perfect lie of high school popularity up until Arya, an overweight but confident girl, gets on his radar. She is everything he thinks he despises. Especially when she proves strong and won't bow down to him and his popularity facade. 
Although Arya puts up a strong front, there is more to her than meets the eye as Seth learns in the progress of getting to know her. But that is not the only thing he learns...
shydreamz90 shydreamz90 2 months ago
Seth needs to get over himself smh he's just mad cause someone talked smack back to him lol
AwakenYour1Dreams AwakenYour1Dreams 2 years ago
Gosh it's like you based Arya off of me... Only I'm a tad bit shyer but I still stand up for myself when needed :)
ebbaastrid ebbaastrid 2 years ago
Your stories are amazing and this one really gets to me! Keep writing, it's clearly meant for you to write! (And also I die if I don't get an end to this story!:))
charmainerenee charmainerenee 2 years ago
Just curious if you are planning on finishing this story? Please do :)
wantinlove wantinlove 2 years ago
wah!!!! im re-reading this!!!. i love this story so much but it's barely being updated!! please please!!! update!!!! btw, i love the spin off too!!!
MoonSage15 MoonSage15 2 years ago
I really like your story and the cover of the book; the girl is really beautifly