A Hunter's Nightmare - Set me free series

Delta Howl is a werewolf. Living in a post-apocalyptic world, where freak creatures called e182s's are real. Delta is a hunter in a strict clan filled with secrets. Danger is in every turn, death faces her with every word she utters. But when she starts to discover big dark secrets about her clan, the kind that is meant to stay hidden, she can't keep quiet. What is consciousness? What makes them werewolves? Is this world the beginning or the end? Caught in between her loyalty for her clan and the truth, she does not know what to do. Together with the help of an Alpha, Ren and the mischievous Neon, she might just escape unscathed. Maybe.
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This is a really good start. It really makes you want to keep reading:)
Your a great writer!
I'm starting to like Ren, I don't know why... but I am. Anyways good job so far.
Sound interesting i will be defiantly be reading this story as you going to post each chapter.And is defiantly going in my Most amazing books EVER :)
Its good! Sounds interesting so I think I might read on to see how things turn out! XD
This is a really great adaptation of the werewolf genre. Not the usual kind, very unique. I like the idea of the e182. Good luck! :)
I love the prologue! There are a few errors here and there, but hey my stories do too :P Overall it was really good for just a prologue!

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