Tonight and Always

When a couple fights for their lives relizes there not in Kansas any more how far will they go to save the world how far will they go to stay together A special thank you to my illustrator Make_Me_Forget A.K.A Emma Springle
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Well the ending was interesting, though this contains some confusing parts, needs editing, and it's a bit fast paved :/
i like the how it's fast-paced and you put an interesting spin on zombie stories! I like how you started it off with someone like Bon Jovi, very original!
Great first chapter! I actually like the length because it makes the reader want more. wonderful job:D
Although I don't really like zombie stories, this was great. Lovely descriptions and interesting plot. Well done.
I like it!! As I read the word Bon jovie I'm listening to one of there songs right now, haha! XD 
Anyways really like it! :)
a few grammar checks in store, but otherwise, I'm loving it! good plot, keep it up!

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