Matters of the Heart

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john_chan By john_chan Completed
This is not a werewolf story. It is an action story...that just so happens to have a couple of werewolves in it. Haha! No, really! Read it and see if I'm kidding...
For some reason, Wattpad wouldn't let me do the normal =) smiley face, so I had to improvise and do it backwards.  Sorry if I confused you!  =)
No prob!  I love reading your works.  You're such a great writer, and a great inspiration.  =)
Aw, it's so sweet.  Taylor didn't die!  I was so happy when I read that.  This is a great story by the way.  I had never thought that I would give a werewolf story a try, but I actually liked it. This is the first werewolf book I have ever read, and it was really good.  =)
Nice job!  =D
Wow short but great book a little confusing but overall fantastic!! ;)
Brilliant, non-traditional story. It was amazing and I'd love to read more of these characters.
Woah. What the heck? Definitely not a typical werewolf story! I like it :)