Matters of the Heart

This is not a werewolf story. It is an action story...that just so happens to have a couple of werewolves in it. Haha! No, really! Read it and see if I'm kidding...
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Brilliant, non-traditional story. It was amazing and I'd love to read more of these characters.
That was pretty cool. I liked the battle. To bad it's only a short story. Are you adding anything else on to it?
@john_chan haha yes! I'm sort of addicted to your work. Well, curse you for writing such good stories haha. Btw, just finished reading shocked :-P
OMG I love this!! It was great, action packed, and,  just perfect:D you're an amazing writer!!(:
I love this, very well writen. Love the descriptons! :)
Also did you make the cover, 'cause I love it
wanderful description. I would say I would like the story better if I wasnt so long, but its really a good book. I love werewolfs so it deff drew me in

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