When April's boyfriend (Kyle) breaks up with her she is heart broken. She can't seem to get over him, but when her best friend's brother poses as her boyfriend at a party to make Kyle jealous and it works, she hatches the perfect plan or so she thinks...Sometimes pretending isn't the best game to play especially when pretending can become real and especially when you're pretending with your best friend's brother.
im sorry but i hate the word baby it just doesnt sound right 'hey baby' idk wats wrong with me and that word i just dnt like it... i dnt mind babe btw
autumn_lily213 autumn_lily213 14 days ago
Because he likes you and he was dating you at the time..duh!
Mello-Meli Mello-Meli 15 days ago
If you don't mind I'm gonna imagine them to be around 18 lol otherwise I'm just gonna think of kids
amparooliver amparooliver 20 days ago
my opinion? if someone tells you about the pain of a heartbreak, you wont believe it until you feel it. But love is worth the pain.
RadiantGlow RadiantGlow 23 days ago
Aww hugs everyone in the comments!  I've never been through a heartbreak.. forever alone!! is that sad? o.o... Yes, yes it is. Meh. Nutella you the only one I need *mooches jar to lips*  -makes out heavily-
Mrs-Who Mrs-Who a month ago
Yeeeesss!!! Loved him since she got in the car but now I love him to infinity and beyond!! (So wish I was April right now