When April's boyfriend (Kyle) breaks up with her she is heart broken. She can't seem to get over him, but when her best friend's brother poses as her boyfriend at a party to make Kyle jealous and it works, she hatches the perfect plan or so she thinks...Sometimes pretending isn't the best game to play especially when pretending can become real and especially when you're pretending with your best friend's brother.
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It's really true..I've been through the same situation brings back all the pain and memories..:'(
@dudess66 @whisper_louder
Aah thanks :) I live in Australia, so I was always confused with this, haha
when he was singing that song i read it humming it to the song'where is the love' by black eye peas
My mom would never ask that lol hit Cheetos tackies every junk food in the woke store
@VictoriaFantasia girl shut up whatever. does it matter? you get what they are trying to do...
Man 2 things, first, did you copy that Reserved right thing? and second, hes so mean

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