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The Mayans were right…..almost. On the 23rd of December 2012, the Earth witnessed beautiful harmless meteor showers all round the planet. Beginning on the 25th of December, the world did end for the humans. The earth did not implode, the stars did not come crashing down, no giant tsunamis hit the coastlines nor did the seas and oceans have raging fires. But one prediction for the Apocalypse did come true. The dead had risen. Not for judgment by the Lord, that may not have been as scary. Very hungry and with uncommon pack intelligence they were a different breed of the undead from those seen in Hollywood. Initially only the recently dead awoke, then everyone who died on or after that day came back alive. The problem: majority of the world had died; the line for the recently resurrected was endless.  But as always, humanity endures. Survival has always been something the human race has been good at. This time it will be the survival of the fittest.  (Cover : Cataclysm)
Endure and Survive - Ellie 
It's from the last of us, I love that game!
@ashiqtnt.  Can u please finish this book as quickly as possible so i can read it....