Like Revenge

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_BrambleBriar By _BrambleBriar Updated 2 years ago
Jessie Franklin is back from five labouring months at her aunt's farm in the middle of the Australian desert. And she's hungrier than ever for revenge. 

                                                    Jessie's changed. 

She's had enough of being pushed around and being the target of ridicule for her entire school. With help from the infamous ex-Golden boy and her quirky best friend, she WILL bring Gold View High down.

 "They say that once you travel down the dark road of revenge there's no turning back.  I say, good thing I never had anything to turn back to. "
Acid_Apple Acid_Apple 7 months ago
OMG this story looks SO awesome!! and YOU look like a great writer already ;D
kimchi759 kimchi759 a year ago
More than the behavior of the children, the teacher's actions, or lack thereof, absolutely disgust me. I sincerely hope she loses her job.
removeclothes removeclothes 2 years ago
sounds good. hope it's not cliché though because i'm very tired of it.
kimkimmy16 kimkimmy16 2 years ago
They surely don't know what good manner is. Tch. I'm pissed off. >o< Karma's a b*tch. ;)
RuthlessBee RuthlessBee 2 years ago
This Is really good! (as your other stories) :D I love that you used a quote from God bless America :) It's a really good movie :)
cookie-monster20 cookie-monster20 2 years ago
Awe feel sorry for her, good story so far. And the quote at the end from god bless america, BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!