My over protective lover

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_werewolfelover100 By _werewolfelover100 Updated a year ago
If theres anything Mickey knows, shes positive about one thing, a vampire is VERY overprotective when it comes to their mate. They always have to know whre they are 24/7. and whats worse, her mate is the Vampire King, not prince but King.So whats a girl to do when other vampires start threating her to get revenge on King Rafael? And Mickeys hidding something that will change everything.

Rafael is the Kinig of Vampires and his mate Mickey is his whole world. He loves her more than anything. And he knows his overprotectiveness bothers her sometimes but he cant help its in his nature. Especially when old enemies and rouge vampires invade his territory and began making threats to Mickey.Rafael plans to marry Mickey and have her as his queen and bear his children.But when he discovers Mickeys secret....

Read to find out!!!!!!
CatrinaThompson CatrinaThompson 4 years ago
i would love for you to finish this one its really good and you very talented
hurry and upload on my wattpad download you uploaded but there was only a paragraph not even so upload i need to see wat happens
Skyscrapper Skyscrapper 4 years ago
I like this. plz contintue. I voted and will fan if you continue! ^^
Merydah Merydah 4 years ago
I cant wait for what Raphael is gonna say in next chapter ur first chapter was pretty interesting i cant wait for the next
picturetoburn picturetoburn 4 years ago
i think that it is really good, but will be able to say more when a few more chapters has been put up :)