The Edge of Darkness

"I did not choose to become this way. This corrupted, innocent body. Who in their right mind would willingly choose this life?" At the end of the interstellar war, Max Ryan, an unwilling cyborg living on the Rock, a notorious prison planet, is rescued and sent to live on the transport ship Eden as it travels home to Old Earth. Max never thought she’d be doing anything else other than baking the ship’s bread for the next five years. But when she uncovers a conspiracy bigger than the war that enslaved her in the first place, she is in for the fight of not only her life, but those around her she has grown to love. A dystopian cyberpunk space opera novel exploring the themes of love, class, race, gender, and power. Hope does not always set you free… The Edge of Darkness was first published in 2011 and is available in complete e-book form and paperback on both Smashwords and Amazon. If you’d like to get in touch, or to find out more information, please stop by my blog:
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your welcome we all have to start small and keep trying an till we turn into something big :)

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