To Be Imprinted On...

A girl called Alexis Thompson and her brother's best friend, Aiden Lee, imprints on her ( Because he's a werewolf) even though Alexis knows that he's a werewolf she doesn't know about the imprinting part. All of a sudden her life is in danger because of her science teacher, Mr. Samuels, he's a vampire and seeking revenge on her dead mother (he doesn't know she's dead) Why? Everything becomes too much for Alexis and she ends up running away from her problems, Will this solve it? Will Alexis ever find out how much she really means to Aiden?
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If she said it she should have owned up, you can't just blame someone else like that.
Omg so this story is perfect for me because I like someone named Aiden and my name is Alexys!!! So...ya!! Lol
I'm gonna comment on every chapter saying how amazing this story is and how much I love it . : )
I flippin love it!!! I only read first chapter and I'm probably gonna finish in two days since it's soo good!! Haha :)
I like it, it's well written which makes the read better, bc I don't have to correct it in my mind. 
D:< Mr. Samuels is sketchy. I wonder if he is something....Aiden better kick his butt!!!

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