Despondency: The Story of a Defeated Man *Sample*

Download this book for free here (please share it if you like it!): Trister Trännerman travels the world in search of happiness but found nothing but regret as the unforgiving shadow of his past relentlessly haunted him. He ends up in Antigua, Guatemala, where he finally decides to settle for good in an attempt to evade his demise. As he seeks to dismantle his misery, he dreams about a Mayan Warrior who stabs him to death, and he sees a woman whom he barely knows. Upon waking, Trister seeks her counsel in order to understand why she, of all people, appeared in his dream. He wrestles with self-doubt as she taps into the ruins of his shattered soul where she comprehends that he has been mangled by more than merely self-rejection. He fears he will never find happiness and will die as a nomad, ever wandering the world in search of something he can hardly define.
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I love the title!!!! The Hymn of the Heartbroken... I wish I had thought of it before... I like it.

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