One Direction Truth or Dare!

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Jada/Avery (Woah my real name guys) By random_nerd34 Updated 3 years ago
Guess who captured One Direction? Me! The Truth or Dare master is back and ready to tackle her newest victims! Ready? Steady? NO!
xDDDDDDDDD Niall "Wait so if you farted would it just create a puff of smoke?" That made me laugh so hard!!
okay now we get some good stuff congrats guys!
liam- gets a toy story gift bag and a batman forever lazy
zayn-one hair product only 1
harry- a giant chick flick movie pack
Louis- you got a car dude so you can just watch
niall-1 meal
host- you've won a new co-host!!!!!!! (me)
A: Huzzah! H: What? A: I said Huzzah not Hazza. There's a difference.
I dare Louis to lick Harrys foot!!! It's a bit gross but I'm sure u can write something awesome with that!!!! Woohoo!!
Lol. Dont worry, i do too xD you're not the only one x]@random_nerd34
dgjsd;tnergeirhgi hhd hsd NIALL's PUFF OF SMOKE JOKE. OMG. I just died XD