One Direction Truth or Dare!

Guess who captured One Direction? Me! The Truth or Dare master is back and ready to tackle her newest victims! Ready? Steady? NO!
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GO! GO! GO! update lock yourself and update this thing for us but pweaaaaseee can you  update it (puppy eyes)
WHERE R U?! UPDATEEEEEEEEE!!!!! EITHER GET A CALENDAR OR GET UR BUTT ONLINE!!!! thank you and have a nice day. :)
xDDDDDDDDD Niall "Wait so if you farted would it just create a puff of smoke?" That made me laugh so hard!!
I dare Louis to lick Harrys foot!!! It's a bit gross but I'm sure u can write something awesome with that!!!! Woohoo!!
This chapter is the funniest thing on earth with the Madagascar song and the fanfic! Ugh, that is exactly what I do when I read them. ;)
this is hilarious i cant stop laughing

seriously harry starts turning colours of the raainbow 


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