As Long as There's You

A true, tragic story told in poems.
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<3 heart. I'm watching the Olympics. It's day 4. Some kinda swimming event. I can't watch the soccer!!!:O we don't have the channel :( so yeah. I love soccer
COMMENT! Yea I don't know what to write since I wanna get to the next chapter so I'm just writing this. Byee!
Great rhyming! Do ya know what rhymes with orange? Door hinge! Or-ANGE door-hINGE. yea it's easy to say than type...:/ but they do rhyme!
these poems sound like you have absolutely been through this i don't know if you did or didn't but they seem real and i absolute love them
We all want nothing more but to be loved and accepted i can relate to your poems besides the boy part that would be kinda weird >_<

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