Do I know you?

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Patricia By Pats1998 Updated 2 years ago
Daniela is a girl that thoughts a lot in a forest. One day she is thinking in her place and a guy interrupts her and tells her to live his yard. That really bothers her, but then she notice that she is the only one in the small town that does not remember this guy that came back to town named Joe. While she is looking for answers about this guy and why she don´t remember him, they fall in love with each other and have a romantic adveture that gives her slowly all the answers.
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It's good.. except for a few grammar mistakes, which are easily fixable, the story has a nice flow.. keep writing :)
This is great! I love the idea... It seems very fresh and new. I also love the voice you've given to Daniela! She reminds me a lot of myself. I also like the dialogue... it seems very natural and is super funny. Can't wait to see where this goes!