a sad relationship story

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_We_Run_This_Town_ By _We_Run_This_Town_ Updated 2 years ago
This is about a young teen couple and the boyfriend(Danee) gave a challenge to his girl friend(Jessica) and if u want to find out what that challenge is read the story and it may sound familiar to some people but I read a little short short story and that is what inspired me to write this story maybe some of u people who reads may relate to this or no someone who can relate to this.
I just publish I want you 2 want me...though it just one chapter but the nest week I'm going to publish the other chapters, have u read it...if u do pleas tell me ur opinions ;)
aw!!!so sad :'( I remember that I have read something like this on faceboook...I still love it though. it gave me a little goose bumps though when I read it...