A Perverted Summer

Delilah Rosye is different, and doesn't even know it. Being born with Heterochromi​a​,​ she sticks out in the human crowd, but also being born a Nereid/Sysa/​Banshee/Elf hybrid makes her stick out in the supernatural crowd. None of that can stop her attitude. Delilah is childish and annoying, but ultimately pretty AND single. Growing up around 12 guys in the same house​.​​.​​.​Let's just say it makes her life different. But after a year of her brother and his 10 friends moving out, her mother begins to become cruel, beating and burning Delilah with cigarettes, which caused Delilah to move into her brother, Daniel's house for the summer, who STILL lives with his 11 friends. Will she be able to survive the whole summer around 11 teenage guys, especially when one of them wants to get in her pants because of her being his mate? Aaron Swift just found out his best friend's sister is his mate. And worse, she's neither human OR werewolf. She's part Sysa, a race of lion-people who don't usually get along with werewolves. Yet here he is. Mated to a SYSA. Think that's bad? Aaron has to deal with EVERY guy checking her out, and a human boyfriend of Delilah's he can't stand. Not to mention his wolf personality, who is known as Lyall. Can his life get better, or will his soul mate crush his heart? (A/N: Rosye is pronounced Rohz-EE-ay) ( A/N: Heterochromi​a is a gene that gives you one eye one color, the other eye another color) (A/N: Sysa is pronounced Sigh-suh)
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Omg your one of those people that use lyrics in your story?! No. You use the song name or she sings a line you don't copy and paste a bloody song.
Amazing story! Had my attention and curiosity the whole time, please do post more; love it! (:
Oh - it gives you a chance to get more votes as well and since you already have the separate chapters you just need to break them down before you upload.
hey o.o weres the rest? Is that it? There has to be more >:o plz? are you writing right now? Thats a really good story :( Plz write more

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